All praise is due to Allah, the Almighty, the Creator of the world

Undoubtedly, every Muslim, whether male or female, bears the responsibility of acquiring a profound understanding of their Islam and Deen through reliable and authentic sources. The first command revealed in the Qur’an was “Iqra” (Read!), emphasizing the importance of seeking knowledge. The Quran itself instructs us to seek knowledge and liberate ourselves from ignorance.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) declared the pursuit of knowledge as an obligation for every Muslim, stating, “Seeking knowledge of Deen is obligatory upon every Muslim.” Unfortunately, in the contemporary age, many of our Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide are unfamiliar with their Deen and Islam. They struggle with reciting the Holy Quran, performing Salah, and practicing Islam in its true essence.

Several factors contribute to this unfortunate situation. Some individuals reside in areas without mosques or Islamic seminaries, while others face strict and demanding schedules, leaving little time for learning about the Quran and Islam. Additionally, the younger generation, including school-going boys and girls, is often distanced from the Quran due to busy schedules and school commitments.

In response to these challenges, on June 10, 2020, Engineer Hafiz Ikram Sb established an online Islamic organization called Imaan Online Islamic School, running under the umbrella of Strong Roots Academy. Through his dedicated efforts, he worked tirelessly to develop this organization. Thanks to the grace of Allah the Almighty, the “Imaan Online” organization operates in alignment with the teachings of great Islamic scholars.

Today, Alhamdulillah, approximately 250 students, comprising adults and children from the USA, UK, Switzerland, Sri Lanka, and beyond, are actively engaged in learning with Imaan Online.

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