Admission and Student Policy

Last Updated: 08-12-2023

This Agreement outlines the regulations governing the admission process and the conduct of students. When this Agreement mentions “Imaan Online”, “we”, “us”, or “our”, it refers to Imaan Online and when it mentions “user”, “you”, “your”, “student”, “guardian” then it depends on you that who you are.

Are you eligible for Admission?

  • Enrollment at our website is open to all, regardless of religion, caste, living area, or mother tongue, including minors.
  • In case of minors, the involvement of a guardian is mandatory in the admission process.
  • Student must be able to understand English, Urdu or Hindi as our faculty teach students in these languages.

What are your Responsibilities?

  • Applicants must be fully aware of the course details before applying. For minors, it is the responsibility of the guardian to gather information about the chosen course for the minor.
  • Students must provide full consent, affirming that they are enrolling voluntarily without external pressure. In the case of minors, this responsibility transfers to the guardian.
  • Students are expected to show respect to teachers and administrative staff.
  • Regular attendance is mandatory. Students are required to attend classes regularly according to the established schedule.
  • Students are discouraged from leaving the course prematurely unless there is a serious issue. In the case of a serious issue, students must inform the teacher promptly.
  • Prior notification is mandatory for any planned leave. Students must inform the teacher before taking leave.
  • Students should practice and review class materials at home to enhance understanding of the course.
  • While our teachers strive to provide effective instruction, the institution is not responsible for a student’s inability to learn as expected.

What are our Responsibilities?

  • We commit to providing clear information about the course to students and, in the case of minors, to their guardians.
  • Our teachers will consistently demonstrate polite and respectful behavior when interacting with students.
  • Information regarding the course schedule will be communicated directly to students or, in the case of minors, to their guardians.
  • Notification of any planned leave or class holidays due to unforeseen issues will be provided in advance.
  • In the unlikely instance of teacher misconduct, students or guardians can file a complaint directly with us using the contact information available at the bottom of this agreement.

When and How we can change this Agreement?

  • We reserve the right to revise, amend, or modify this Agreement at any time and in any manner. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our Admission and Student Policy.

Do you want to contact us regarding this Agreement?

  • If you have any questions related to our Admission and Student Policy, concerns or complaints or you want any other information regarding this Agreement so you can contact us at [email protected].
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